Brake and Clutch Linings


Industrial Brake and Clutch Lining, Inc,  is Michigan's authorized Scan-Pac Distributor of non-asbestos industrial friction materials. Scan-Pac, founded in 1976, and ISO9002 certified, is a leader in the research and development of non-asbestos friction materials. From small, riveted brake shoes to 72" diameter segmented clutch plates, Industrial Brake can handle them all. Our fully equipped service facility and comprehensive stock assures quick turnaround time and consistent quality.


We offer a large range of products and services including:


Gear Tooth Facings

- High tooth strength

- Excellent shock resistance

- Consistent friction level

- Long wearing



- Debonding and bonding

- Custom padds

- Deriveting and riverting

- All sizes and types of rivets

- Brass and bolts and rivet hole plugs


Non-Asbestos Rivet Plugs

Rivet hold countersinks in friction material tend to accumulate dirt and abrasive materials which increases the possibility of drum scoring and reducing friction material life. the use of rivet hole plugs eliminates this destructive action.


Flexible Roll Goods

232 Flex-Mold

- Medium friction

- Good lining life

Green Gripper Woven Material

- High friction

- Holding brake applications


Rigid Molded Sets

- Excellent wear characteristics

- Low drum abrasion

- Rigid, dense construction

- Smooth, quiet performance

- High temperature fade resistance

- Resistant to oil attack


Quick Contacts:


Outside sales

Ron Utz



Inside Sales

Cathy Camplin






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